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The Museum of Auditing Culture and Education, in the heart of Nanjing Audit University’s Pukou campus, is the only university-housed museum in China focused on auditing culture. The lavish two-story museum covers a total offourteen hundred square meters.The first floor features six distinct exhibition areas: “World auditing outlook”, “Auditing in ancient China”, “Auditing in contemporary China”, “Techniques and procedures of auditing”, and “the gallery of auditing figures”.The second floor informs of and celebrates the thirty-year history, development and achievements of the only university in China focused on auditing. The Museum’s exhibits are world-class, including many visual, aural and interactive elements which vividly illustrate the extensive auditing history in China, which dates back to 1000BC, via artifacts, multimedia, and instillations.This stylish and informative museum gives access to the world of Chinas’ vast knowledge of auditing.

Upon arriving, the visitor is greeted by impressive, three-meter-high copper doors with the word “audit” in fifty languages inscribed on them. The doors open in a circular fashion, which is symbolic of the museum setting sail into the high seas of global auditing.


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