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The “Auditing in modern China” exhibition hall is primarily concerned with the outline of development in national audit, CPA audit and internal audit during the Republic of China era, including the national audit in the Northern Government era and Nanjing National Government era; the accounting firms and audit officials in the Republic of China as well.

The audit in 20 year’s Revolutionary Base period mainly shows the developmentof Chinese modern auditing from the born of red political authority to the establishment of the Communist Party of China . Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the audit in Revolutionary Base period has got maturity from scratch , Protected the financial security and authority.The resembled scene in this hall restores the heroic exploit of Ruan Xiaoxian, who was the founder of Chinese modern audit.He carried and protected the secret accounting books bravely when he was in charge of the director of CPC's central audit committee during the civil war.


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