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The hall “Auditing in ancient China” shows the development of auditing from the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century-771 B.C.) to Qing dynasty. This elaborately designed gallery includes Auditing on officers’ financial management assessments, the Reported Audit, the audit system of Bibu, the audit of three departments and the audit system of the central ambassador. There are many ancient measurement tools such as scales, rules and abacuses on display, as well as collections like the first govern seal of auditor, bricks from the Ming Dynasty City Wall, the cloth for audit officers. Moreover, a wall only made up of movable type models decorated with Chinese characters of “audit” was inspired by one of the four ancient creations—“typography”, anda resembled ancient scene of the Audit Congress holding by Emperor Hanwu and the scene of the grain audit in Tang Dynasty. These exhibitions are a vivid representation of the glory of Chinese ancient auditing.



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